Who is behind it?

The Pwn2Win CTF is being organized by members from 'Epic Leet Team', a brazilian CTF team.


May 29 (friday), to be started at 13:37 BRT (UTC -3), for 48 hours straight.

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Top 1: Internet Fame level Gold + Personalized Certificates*
Top 2: Internet Fame level Silver + Personalized Certificates 
Top 3: Internet Fame level Bronze + Personalized Certificates

 * The personalized certificates are just like "medals" from the event, something that you will use to testify your participation and Top 3 in this hardcore competition.



Let's start with the rules - specifically what you and your team CANNOT do. :)

1 - It's strictly forbidden to perform any kind of Denial of Service Attack (DoS/DDoS) against the servers or the competition's infrastructure;
2 - Do NOT try to use Brute Force on the flag submission system because the flags are not possible to guess;
3 - Do NOT try to exchange flags or write-ups during the competition;
4 - Do NOT share recent discoveries related to challenges publicly on IRC channels, nor in any other way with contestants of other teams;

Ok, and now, for the more informative rules...

5 - Our official channel is the #Pwn2Win on the Freenode (irc.freenode.net), and it's essential that all players stay there during the competition in case there are important announcements.
6 - Clues will be given in a direct or indirect form in our IRC channel, stay alert! :)
7 - The flag pattern will be as follows: CTF-BR{something_here};
8 - The competition will last for 48 hours in a row, no breaks;
9 - The teams may have as many members as they want;
10 - Any kind of violation of these rules will mean immediate disqualification of the team;
11 - Most important rule: Have fun and Learn a lot! :)


Our judges will be the operators in the #Pwn2Win channel (Freenode). Any Doubts, talk to them.
Like in the second edition,  we'll do a Thematic CTF. Every challenge context will revolve around a ficticional story. Also the Jeopardy challenges, inside various categories (including subjects like Hardware). This time, we choose to use a dynamic scoreboard system, where all challenges starts with 500 points, and according to the amount of solves, they decrease the score.


The winner team will be the one to score the largest within the 48 hours. In the case of a tie, the team that got to their score first will be crowned winner. 


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If you have any questions, contact us in our e-mail elt *at* ctf-br dot org.

For the first time, these tiny letters on the bottom of the screen are not a prank. \o/ if you got to this point, means that you probably read all our informations and instructions. And for that, we will award your team with extra points in the competition, after all, reading is FUNDAMENTAL for a competition like this. Use the flag "CTF-BR{RTFM_1s_4_g00d_3xpr3ss10n_v6.0}" on the challenge "Bonus" during the day of the event and guarantee your extra score! ;)